Homeland Security

Examining the Prospective Terror Threats Toward Global Seaports: A Socio-Historical Assessment of Prior Engagements and Application of Social Learning Theory: Series Part III: Maritime Global Legislation, Conclusion, & Recommendations 

After more than fifteen years since the terrorist attacks in New York City on September 11, 2001, the scope and focus to prevent and counter terroristic activities has changed...
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Crime Analysts and Intelligence Analysts

This article will examine theoretical and the applied practitioner insights into similarities and differences between criminal intelligence analysis (intelligence-led policing) and intelligence analysis (national security). How intelligence theory applies...
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25 Years of Lone Offenders in America

This research explores the idea that there was an increase in lone offender violent extremism in the United States in the decade and a half following the attacks upon...
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Ethics in Law Enforcement and Intelligence

Intelligence and Law Enforcement professionals are in positions of trust in which integrity is integral. As professions, the public expects that personnel maintains a higher ethical standard due to...
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Prison Radicalization

Understanding the radicalization process and specifically, religious radicalization to radical Islam within the U.S. prison system is a complex problem. Inmates radicalized to radical Islam within U.S. prisons pose...
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