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Safety & Emergency Services Journal is a Columbia Southern University sponsored online peer-reviewed academic journal. Academic articles are presented by scholar practitioners who have extensive expertise in the fields of criminal justice, homeland security, fire science, emergency medical services, cyber security, occupational safety and environmental management professions.  Safety & Emergency Services Journal also features relevant, innovative and emerging trends within the safety professional fields.

Music Videos as Gang Evidence

There is a tremendous debate between the freedom of speech and assembly versus the police documenting such speech and assembly for criminal trial purposes. In California, the “Street Terrorism...
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Examining the Prospective Terror Threats Toward Global Seaports: A Socio-Historical Assessment of Prior Engagements and Application of Social Learning Theory: Series Part III: Maritime Global Legislation, Conclusion, & Recommendations 

After more than fifteen years since the terrorist attacks in New York City on September 11, 2001, the scope and focus to prevent and counter terroristic activities has changed...
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