Journal Title: Safety & Emergency Services Journal     

Mission Statement: Safety & Emergency Services Journal is a Columbia Southern University sponsored online peer-reviewed academic journal. Academic articles are presented by scholar practitioners who have extensive expertise in the fields of criminal justice, homeland security, fire science, emergency medical services, cyber security, occupational safety and environmental management professions. 

Safety & Emergency Services Journal also features relevant, innovative and emerging trends within the safety professional fields.

For questions or to send articles for consideration for publication, please send an email to or csesjournaleditor@columbiasouthern.edu or thomas.rzemyk@columbiasouthern.edu

Submission Guidelines and Deadlines:


1000-3000 words in length

APA 7th edition format

Brief bio of author

Content must be relevant to Safety & Emergency Services professionals and academia

Deadlines: Safety & Emergency Services Journal peer-reviewed articles are published on a monthly basis. All articles for consideration of our publication must be submitted to Editor-in-Chief by the 20th of each month. Editor-in-Chief and Associate Editor have the right revise article as it relates to grammatical, APA 6th ed. and structural elements of the submission.

  1. Editor-in-Chief-Dr. Thomas J. Rzemyk

  2. Associate Editor-Professor Heather Winters

  3. CSES Website Chief Manager-Dr. Thomas Rzemyk

  4. Peer Review Team:

    • Criminal Justice/Corrections -Dr. Ashley French

    • Criminal Justine/Homeland Security-Dr. Joseph Moore

    • Criminal Justice/Homeland Security-Dr. Tamara Mouras
    • Information Technology-Dr. Allyson Heisey

    • Emergency Management-Dr. David Milen